Videos Part 1: (lessons etc.)

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In this video I explain how I practice the rudiments.

This is a video about how I practice the first three pages of George Lawrence Stone´s "Stick Control" book.

This is Solo No. 1 from the famous Charley Wilcoxon Book "The All American Drummer - 150 Rudimental Solos" I play the solo in 3 different tempos (3 different videos!):

1. 120 BPM (perfect "goal-tempo")

2. 40 BPM plus 8th notes in the metronome (at this tempo you can perfectly learn the solo when you are new to the Wilcoxon stuff)

3. 138 BPM (this is my maximum tempo at the moment - august 2018)

Playing Wilcoxon Solo No. 13 from "All American Drummer - 150 Rudimental Solos" by Charley Wilcoxon 152 BPM (dotted half note at 72 BPM) ......still working on this one.......

How to play „Star Wars" on drums Epsiode 1-7 Episode 1: Basic pattern Have fun playing this short phrase of Darth Vader´s „Imperial March" on a standard drumkit with three toms without any special tuning...... Watch also my other videos playing this phrase in different ways.

Four-way-coordination-exercise out of Ed Soph´s drumbook: "Essential Techniques For Drumset: Book 1"

This is a great exercise by John Riley using the book "Stick Control" to develop fast Triplets.

Once upon a my practice room.....Part 1 Linear Funky Beat

videos part2: (Livemusic/recordings-playlist at youtube)